An Adventure North

This Summer I wanted to mix things up holiday wise. I had planned to go to Malta since the flights are so cheap from Aberdeen but since getting my car back I felt it would be more stress free to stay in Scotland and up north to Inverness. Since I go up to Inverness a lot I decided to try out camping for a portion of the holiday instead of staying in the city. Gary and I drove up to the highlands with my dog Poppy, to a campsite near the end of Loch Ness called Invercoille. The campsite had great facilities including shower rooms, dishwashing station, a campfire and even a mini shop with board games to borrow. We set up camp, which was interesting as Gary had never pitched a tent before, but we soon worked it out and started to make dinner before the rain came down too heavy. The rest of the evening was spent playing cards, listening to the rain on our tent and walking through the woodland surrounding the campsite.

The next morning we woke up at 6:30am, neither of us had slept and both of us had allergic reactions to the sleeping bags. Pro tip: Check your sleeping bags for mould if they are hand me downs from your grandparents and have been kept in a loft, untouched for five years. So we sadly packed up camp and headed north to Inverness to my families flat. The whole day was a bit of a right off because of the weather. We slept most of the day and only woke up to take medicine. While it was a bit of a wasted day, it felt good to just sleep, eat really hearty and healthy food and just spend time in each others company.

Something that was really important to me was that we ate a lot of whole foods on this holiday. We ate so many potatoes, bowls of porridge and loads of veggies. I did however eat a lot of bread, bagels, pretzels and rolls but hey I was on holiday. Even with all of the bread my body still felt so good and it has given me motivation to try and eat whole foods wherever and whenever I can.

So much of our week was spent with my dog Poppy, the longest we have ever had her for has been two days so it was nice having her for longer and actually getting a feel for what it would be like having a dog around constantly. We took her to the ness islands for many walks as it is the loveliest place to walk through as it doesn’t have loads of city noises but is only five minutes walk from the centre. You get to walk past the castle, cathedral, walk over all of the suspension bridges and just have some quiet time.

One thing that not a lot of people know about me is that I love water sports, kayaking in particular. So Gary and I went to Loch Morlich and Aviemore for the day to go kayaking as always it was great fun and I have actually started thinking about joining a kayak club and getting into it more than just a few sessions a year. We only stayed for a few hours as the sun disappeared and we had to go back to Inverness to get Poppy. If you get a chance head to Loch Morlich Watersports to try out kayaking, paddleboarding or canoeing. The hire prices are really reasonable and the team there are great. You won’t regret going there!

Overall the week was extremely calming, it might not have been filled with activities but it was a nice reset. We did everything we wanted to do like spending time in nature, eating healthy, getting a digital detox and just having fun. I can’t wait to head back up to Inverness, further North and even over to the West Coast.

Now time to plan our next adventure . . .

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